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2007-11-10 17:28:21 by ChiChiRoma

Longtime fan, but I finally got an account. The talent in this site is simply amazing! ^^

I recently started using flash over the summer. It was the trial version, so I had to kiss it goodbye after a month... D:

*I also have an account on dA, so feel free to check it out. |D


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2008-03-03 04:09:17

the flash you put up was pretty good for a first :D and its good to see other dA people here on NG. im lookin at your stuff on there and i have to say its pretty good. you should link your dA on the ny website part of your profile so its easyer to find.


2008-03-03 13:54:28

If you ever need a voice actor, give me a call ;)